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Saving energy with Albro Windows

Say goodbye to heat losses with our energy-efficient PVCu replacement windows

Fuel prices keep rising and so do energy bills. And it doesn’t look as if things will change in future. With nearly 25% of heat loss from most homes through the windows, our high-performance double glazing can help you save money. It makes financial and environmental sense to take a stand against rising costs, save your hard-earned cash and be eco-friendly. With our help, this is still one of the best home improvements you can make...

Energy-efficient double glazing made simple


With nearly 30 years’ experience in replacement windows, we’ll help you make sense of the British Fenestration Ratings Council (BFRC) Window Energy Ratings (WER) initiative for replacement windows. We can interpret the boring technical stuff such as U values and Energy Performance Certificates. You enjoy the benefits of energy-rated windows with BFRC ratings from a highly-commendable ‘C’ to the highest ‘A’ .

You could save hundreds of pounds a year

When you fit Albro Windows, you’re opening the door to future savings. Of course, these will depend on the type of home you live in and the windows we supply. As a guide, the Energy Saving Trust says that replacing single-glazed windows with ‘B’ rated double glazing in a typical gas-heated three-bed semi could save £135 per year (680 kg CO2/yr).

Here’s how our windows help cut energy losses and save you money:

  • All our replacement windows are Window Energy Ratings (WER)-compliant.

  • Precision-engineered doors and windows cut heat loss.

  • Low-maintenance doors and windows save you time and money into the future.

  • Warm-edge sealed-unit spacers, gas-filled double glazing and advanced heat-control glazing fight heat loss 24/7.

The benefits of double glazing

As well as saving you money on energy bills, double glazing gives you other benefits:

  • Less noise – for a more relaxing home life
  • Low maintenance
  • Better security for you and your family
  • Enhanced appearance stylish colours and great-looking finishes


Cut heat loss with the latest technology

We normally fabricate our sealed-unit replacement windows from two panes of glass. Around the edges, these are separated by a spacer bar and sealant. We then fill the sealed unit with air or a gas (typically Argon). Different properties for the glass, spacer bar and gas mean we can we can change how heat goes through your window unit. We can also coat the glass to make it more energy efficient. Most people want to retain heat. Some windows do this by stopping heat passing in either direction. Others are designed to stop heat loss, while allowing solar gain from the sun. Which options are best for your home? We’ll guide you to the most cost-effective option.

Our energy efficient glazing is available in styles to suit any property. Whether you need a single replacement casement or a complete home installation plus a luxury conservatory, we’ve got energy efficient windows for your home.

Do you need more advice on energy efficient PVCu windows?

Since 1986, we’ve taken pride in keeping up with the latest energy-efficiency requirements for Homes in and around Harrow. Alan and Jack’s team have decades of knowledge and all the technical information you could possible want. Please give them a call today.