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Rotten door

PVC-U - the sustainable choice

For many years, PVC-U windows and doors have been recognised as the durable, low-maintenance and energy efficient option. Now, thanks to recent advances in recycling, PVC-U windows and doors are the first choice material for sustainability too.

Re-useable and recyclable - for hundreds of years

Research has shown that 95% of ‘post-consumer’ or end-of-life PVC-U windows can be recycled. When combined with an official product life for a PVC-U window or door of up to 35 years (BRE), and much longer unofficially, the result is hundreds of years of re-use with minimal impact on the environment.

Composite doors keeping the cold out and the heat in

Step inside your home and you’ll find that the use of a rigid foam insulation core coupled with the GRP outer layer means a Composite door from N & P will retain up to six times the heat of a timber door – keeping you warm all year round and helping keep your energy bills down.

The composite door construction and custom designed frame means your door-set will remain weatherproof, even in the harshest weather conditions.

The N & P collection of Composite doors combines strength, security and style in a door that requires virtually no maintenance. The key to bringing all these attributes together is the composite construction of the door. By combining different materials, our doors will help keep your home secure and warm.

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